Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Museum on the Parkway?

Family Court building, 1801 Vine Street, photo courtesy of

Gov. Ed Rendell announced Friday that the Parkway will be getting a new museum (apparently to be named later) in the Family Court building at 1801 Vine Street.

According to the governor's press release, the city of Philadelphia will be accepting bids starting in June to convert the existing structure into a "museum with a new luxury hotel." (You can read more about the planned new building at 15th and Arch Streets in this Inquirer story.

As for the existing building, Rendell's office says the "hotel and museum on this site will be in keeping with both the architecture of Logan Circle and the Parkway and the museum character of the area."

Hm, could this be the new home for the currently homeless Civil War Museum?

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  1. Let's hope this is the move that brings the Civil War Museum collection back home to Philadelphia. Rendell owes them and all of us after unceremoniously pulling the rug out from under their plans. We need Old Baldy back on exhibit.