Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Power of Presidential Names

I came across a fun exploration of memory and commemoration today on the New York Times' Lens Blog. The blog is presenting a series of portraits of people living in the New York area who share presidential names.

The portraits are truly beautiful photographs, but equally interesting to me is the brief written commentary about what it was like to share a president's name, and in some cases, audio snippets of the person portrayed.

Today's feature: Abraham Lincoln, born in Ghana and now a DJ in the Bronx.

So far, the series has also profiled a George Washington (prisoner), Thomas Jefferson (formerly homeless vet), John Quincy Adams (preacher), Ulysses Grant (retired postal worker), Calvin Coolidge (alpaca farmer), Herbert Hoover (artist), John F. Kennedy (accountant), Richard Nixon (retired firefighter) and Ronald Reagan (retired auto worker).

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